USDA Organic Certification Process

Brandless CBD is unique in the CBD private label space as one of the only companies that offer USDA certifiable organic products. Organic products are important and valuable assets in such a forward-thinking, agriculture-based industry. This page will walk you through the process of getting your Brandless CBD manufactured products organically certified and listed on the USDA Organic Integrity Database.

When you place an order for organically certified products, you will be required to design a label using our built in label designer, or provide a label design file based on our templates. Once the order is placed and the label has been provided, you will receive an email with additional info and an attached Private Label Questionnaire. Fill this document out as detailed below and send it back to us. After the products and all necessary documentation are approved by OneCert, Inc, they will author an addendum to the Palmetto Synergistic Research Organic Certificate (Brandless CBD’s parent company). Your products will be referenced on Palmetto Synergistic Research’s organic certificate in some way, such as “Manufacturing of CBD Tincture.” The addendum is a separate document that will state what the product is listed as on the main certificate as well as what the product is called on your labels. With this, your products are certified organic but will NOT show up on the USDA Organic Integrity Database. Also, the addendum is ONLY valid when presented with the main certificate it amends. If you wish to have your products listed on the database and to have a certificate of your own for your company, you will have to apply for one separately.

Made in the Usa

Grown, extracted and bottled at our USDA organic farm in SC.


No GMO seeds, GMO solvents, nor GMO carrier oils.


The first step in the process is placing your order. On the product page, select what variation of the product you would like and be sure to select “USDA Certified” as an option. Note, you must select “Labeled” in order to have the ability to select the “USDA Certifed” option on the product page.

After selecting the quantity, you will be taken to a customization page where you can create your label directly on our website! Just choose the appropriate template for the product you are purchasing and put your own flare on it!

Alternatively, you can design your own label in the program of your preference and send it to us for review. Just leave the design file blank when you add the product to your cart and email us the design file. You will need to do this regardless of whether we are printing your labels or you are having them printed elsewhere and sent to us for application.

We accept the following file types: pdf, ai, jpg, or png. Rasterized file types such as jpg and png must be 300dpi or will appear pixelated when printed.


The next step in the process is filling out the OneCert Private Label Questionnaire provided after checkout to your email. You should receive the email within one business day of order placement.

Section 1 of the document will already be filled out with Brandless CBD’s parent company information.

Provide all information about your business in Section 2.

In Section 3, list all organic products purchased from us as the names you gave them on your labels exactly as they are seen on your labels.

For all purchases through the website, select option A for Section 4.

In Section 6, follow the prompt to complete the document and email it to [email protected].

The rest of the paperwork will be handled by Brandless CBD.


After approval, OneCert, Inc will issue an addendum to accompany Palmetto Synergistic Research’s main certificate. To get your products listed on the USDA Organic Integrity Database you are required to have an Organic Certificate of your own issued to your company.

• You will need to fill out an application of your own through OneCert, Inc and provide them the current Palmetto Synergistic Research Organic Cert as well as your addendum. This will cover most of the information they require, but they may ask you for more information.

Brandless CBD is happy to provide you with any information they require from the manufacturers perspective.

Alternatively, you may use another certifying body for your certification, but they may require you to change your labels.


Once the addendum is released to us, we will begin printing you labels and affixing them to your new products and finally ship them out to you! This can happen before step 3 as we only need the addendum to start producing.

The organic certification process depends on OneCert, Inc’s workload so wait times can vary. Typically expect new product approval to take 2-4 weeks from start to addendum completion.